Services available at P.L. Experts Tree Service

Pruning and trimming

Over the past 16 years, P.L. Experts Tree Service has carried out numerous projects involving corrective and preventive pruning in the Gatineau region. Corrective pruning is necessary in order to eliminate hazards and to reduce the risk of deterioration. When the dead or diseased parts of a tree are removed, the tree becomes stronger and healthier, and is able to resist damage caused by storms more effectively.

The main objectives of tree pruning:

  • Eliminate potential hazards
  • Remove diseased branches
  • Improve light filtration
  • Improve air circulation
  • Increase the production of fruit
  • Provide clearance
  • Improve the esthetics

Incorrect pruning can damage the tree, because the cut is like surgery. The cutting tools must be clean and the cut must be made in the right location and the proper direction in order to avoid damaging the tree. Before pruning, it is important to take into account the overall health of the tree and its genetic tendencies.

Tree removal

Tree removal is done for reasons related to health, liability and esthetics, and to allow competing species to grow and mature. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove a live tree that is interfering with other trees, buildings, driveways or electrical wires.

In urban and suburban environments, tree removal presents a technical and safety challenge. Trees are often surrounded by other valuable plants or structures. Felling a tree, especially a large one, requires highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment in order to ensure safety and the protection of structures and property.

A standard tree removal includes taking down the tree, chipping the wood, clearing away the brush, and cutting the stump as close to the ground as possible.

Stump removal

Some customers only want to remove a tree down to ground level, but in some cases, the entire stump must be removed.

One consideration when removing stumps is to prevent new shoots from growing up from the trunk and roots and fungal root rot. Stump removal is often used to resolve root disease problems.

Mechanical stump tree removal is accomplished using stump grinding machines that are designed to grind the stump and the main root system to a depth of at least 8 inches. These machines mechanically grind out the main root plate, leaving fine sawdust that can either be used as garden mulch or removed from the site.


At your request, we can use our wood chippers to chip the wood and the pruned branches or to reduce them to small pieces that can be used as mulch in the garden or for other purposes.

P.L. Experts Tree Service uses top-quality chipping machines in order to ensure the quality of the wood chips so that they can be used for mulch, landscaping bark or ground cover in muddy areas. We can advise you with respect to which type of tree will produce the best quality mulch. For example, cedar and pine make superior mulch for your garden, whereas wood chips made from willow and elm are not suitable for this purpose.

P.L. Experts Tree Service also provides wood chipping services for homeowners and contractors who cut down or prune their own trees and wish to dispose of the resulting debris (twigs, branches and plant material).

Other services

  • Shaping and clearing
  • Lot clearing
  • Site clearing
  • Branch clipping
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